Hey Hotties 🔥

So you may be thinking.. Okay okay is this Hot Sauce really fire though? HALE YEAH! It is

"HaleYeah!" Hot Sauce 5oz

HaleYeah! Hot Sauce is a perfect medium blend of spice and flavor! Not overpowering on your tongue but adds a nice kick to your meal!


  • "HaleYeah!" Hot Sauce 5oz
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Happy Customer

I had to dip my finger in it i just couldn't wait to try it! I need to make a run to the store but this sauce is good! I can't wait to make dinner tonight and really get to eat it. Hale Yea!!!! good job

Stanley J

I just tried it!!!!!!!! HALE YEAH THIS STUFF IS AMAZING


Good job thiis really good. dope concept. love it defintely been needing this

Anthony Pierce